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 iTrendsBIGGER AND BETTER – New iTrends Marketing Package

The Synaxon iTrends marketing package is arguably the best value for money inclusive marketing packages available. For a small monthly fee, you can professionally promote many of the world’s leading IT manufacturers to your customers all with exclusive offers for you our members.

Included in the package you will receive:


  • 250 copies of your personalised 48 page glossy brochure/catalogue, 4 times a year.
  • Online “clicker book” copies of the brochure like those shown below for you to host on your own site and share with your customers.
  • Clic2mail email Marketing, Professional html email marketing campaigns produced for you by Synaxon Marketing team.  A minimum of 3 campaigns per month.  You need do nothing except upload your customer database and drive traffic back to your Clic2IT store or into your sales team.
  • Sales leads and company listing through our SYNMARKET website.


Want to find out more about our click2mail Email Marketing? CLICK HERE for a full description on our E-Marketing tool


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iTrends Subscription Terms and Conditions

I understand that as a subscribing member of Synaxon UK and the iTrends Marketing Package I will be invoiced according to my Synaxon Member ship level

STP:£45 STEP/ STPP: £35 month plus VAT at the prevailing rate and that my monthly payments shall be made via direct debit.

I agree to a minimum term of 3 months and thereafter the agreement shall be rolling for 3 months from the date of initial registration. Termination must be made in writing to Synaxon UK giving a minimum of 90 days notice.

Synaxon UK reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time without notice for any material breach of Synaxon standard terms conditions or should the member cease to be a member of Synaxon UK..

By accepting the above Terms and Conditions I verify I am an authorised officer of the aforementioned business. I am authorised to complete this Order Form.