Putting partners first

SYNAXON UK was launched in the UK in 2008 and has since become firmly established as the market-leading channel services group. SYNAXON is much more than a dealer buying group – it’s a thriving, dynamic and forward-thinking community that works to advance the development and growth of its partners.

In everything we do, SYNAXON UK always puts its partners interests first.

We offer a wide range of services as well as personalised account management and business development support that helps MSP's, resellers, retailers and office products dealers thrive in a market that is changing at a faster pace than ever.

We help them to identify, understand and address new opportunities in new areas of technology and thus enable their customers to get the very best from their investment in IT.

SYNAXON also provides procurement, e-commerce, marketing, business development and reseller services that helps partners to be more efficient and cost-effective and to drive their sales.

Put simply, everything we do is for the benefit of our partners – and being a part of the SYNAXON family helps reseller businesses to thrive, grow and develop.

Our values

At all times, SYNAXON and its staff act with the utmost professionalism, integrity, and respect for their partners, supplier partners, colleagues, and partners. When you work with SYNAXON, you are working with an organisation and people that you can trust completely.

It is also important to us that every organisation and individual we come into contact with is treated fairly, on completely equal terms and without discrimination.

SYNAXON also respects the environment and takes care to ensure that it is efficient in its use of energy and fuel. We take every opportunity to recycle equipment and consumable materials.

The SYNAXON UK community

As well as SYNAXON's dedicated team, who are based in Warrington, the SYNAXON UK community consists of more than 600 member companies and supplier partners, as well as individual partners and friends of the group.

Together, these organisations and individuals form a thriving, constantly-developing and mutually-beneficial ecosystem that helps them to keep up with the pace of change and move their business in a positive direction.

Our team works tirelessly to meet the needs of partners and supplier partners, bringing them together to ensure they can make the most of their partnership and achieve their respective goals.