SYNAXON's timeline

A journey through our last 25 years


members: 3.942

SYNAXON UK celebrates its 10 year anniversary with a bigger than ever national conference. The company also moves offices as it has outgrown its former bureau.


members: 3.148

Taking up the service business: PC SPEZIALIST starts marketing standardized IT-services, offering high-quality IT-services at a standardized price. We launch the tender platform meine-IT and in December we start a ‘business laboratory’ in Hamburg with our subsidiary einsnulleins. einsnulleins tests new services and marketing forms. In comparison to last year our turnover increases by 44%.


members: 3.291

As promised in 1999 when entering the stock exchange market, we start our online trading business. We are the first cooperative to do so with the full support of its members, allowing us to self-sufficiently choose the product range and pricing of products.


members: 2.788

Expansion to the UK-market: SYNAXON UK is founded. Turns out British IT-companies also appreciate the support of an IT-cooperative. Our MD Derek Jones visits SYNAXON AG in Germany with our 10 founding members.


members: 2.555

Acquisition of AKCENT Computerpartner Deutschland AG, our last standing competitor. But new competitors are founded and growing fast, keeping us on our feet to stay on top of the game at all times.


members: 1.537

Acquisition of iTeam Systemhauskooperation, a system house cooperation and to this point competitor in the market.


members: 1.232

Fundamental strategy change: The biggest investment program in SYNAXON’s history begins. More than 12 Mio. Euro are invested into growth topics, i.e. business takeovers, re-orientation of the PC-SPEZIALIST brand, new brand building, and the EGIS e-procurement platform.


members: 1.026

A PC-SPEZIALIST member is honored as ‘franchisee of the year’. On 28th November 2002 SYNAXON AG the 1000th member company joins the brands MICROTREND und PC-SPEZIALIST.


members: 494

SYNAXON’s stock market launch, listing at the new market: Whilst the Admission Committee did not want SYNAXON to list at the stock market at first, we got listed in 1999 under the prerequisite to engage in online trading in the future. We fulfilled this requirement in 2009. PC-SPEZIALIST is on top op CHEF magazine’s official franchise hitlist.


members: 202

SYNAXON movies to new premises based in Eckendorfer Straße, Bielefeld.


members: 84

MICROTREND is founded, a cooperation offering purchasing opportunities for IT resellers. SYNAXON starts working with Lotus Notes as an information and news platform.


members: 4

SYNAXON’s founders Thomas Kruse and André Flottmann are running a computer shop in Bielefeld, Germany. The IT market is very competitive, sparking an idea: Let’s found a company bundling all marketing funds and purchasing volume of IT resellers to make them competitive again.

October 1991, Bielefeld
SYNAXON AG is founded