Putting partners first

SYNAXON UK was launched in 2008 and provides a thriving, dynamic and forward-thinking community that works to advance the development and growth of its partners. We offer a wide range of services and products as well as business development support that help IT service providers and resellers thrive in a market that is changing at a faster pace than ever.

We assist them in identifying, understanding and addressing opportunities in new areas of technology and help them enable their customers to get the very best from their investment in IT.

We provide a procurement platform that helps our partners to be more efficient and cost-effective and to drive their sales, and a range of Managed Services products to help them automate, scale and grow their businesses.

Put simply, everything we do is for the benefit of our partners – and being a part of the SYNAXON community helps reseller businesses to thrive, grow and develop.

SYNAXON and its staff act with the utmost professionalism, integrity, trust and respect for their partners, supplier partners and colleagues. It is important to us that every organisation and individual we come into contact with is treated fairly, on completely equal terms and without discrimination. SYNAXON also respects the environment and takes care to ensure that it is efficient in its use of energy and fuel. We take every opportunity to recycle equipment and consumable materials.