Building a new team

28th August 2019, von in SYNAXON UK News

SYNAXON UK has already started recruiting additional staff to drive its growth ambitions. More will be added as the months go by but the first to join are:

Tony Dell, Strategic Buyer – Tony will be managing the group’s distribution agreements and has previously worked as Purchasing Manager at both VIP Computers and Anixter

Mario Scarpa, EGIS Support Executive – Mario is the new evangelist and support resources for the online procurement system – a key part of SYNAXON UK’s offering 

Natasha Judge & Terry Hall, Channel Business Development Managers – Natasha and Terry will be working with members and suppliers to drive new opportunities and growth

Robin Martin, Special Bids Support & Central Purchasing Programme Manager – Robin will co-ordinate activity around Central Purchasing and support members on special bids

Alison McMahon, SYNAXON UK Academy Manager – Alison will manage and co-ordinate SYNAXON’S programme of certification training and enablement services for members

As part of the restructure Derek Jones is stepping down as Non exec Chairman and is taking some time away from the business.  Derek will be busy building a new larger pond for his beloved Koi Carp. Derek will still be available too, if required.

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