Introduced at the National Conference: iTeam

28th August 2019, von in ITeam NEWS
Introduced at the National Conference in Hinckley iTeam is one of our new membership levels. Being a network of trust, iTeam is addressing the needs of C-level managers for medium sized IT Resellers and MSPs.

Running an IT company with 10+ employees requires a heap of changes. Being the MD of your company, it is important to no longer be stuck in the daily business. You rather need to work on the business than in the business. Your organizational structure, your company strategy, business processes, HR Management and many more challenges are to be mastered. Facing these challenges you can try to overcome all of these on your own or you join a network of trust. iTeam is SYNAXON’s network of trust.

On our different iTeam events and social media groups we provide access to resources and knowledge. iTeam is designed to make you find the right answers to your questions. We connect yourself with like minded people. We connect yourself with people in similar situations facing similar challenges. We are focussing on any topic of major importance for C-Level Management.

iTeam sounds interesting? Find further info on, call us or send an Email.
Christian Krüger
Product Manager iTeam UK
+44 (0) 300 304 7844

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