Could you become part of the iTeam?

22nd October 2019, von in ITeam NEWS

Does the dilemma of being stuck in between dealing with daily business and the need to develop your company sound familiar? Many business leaders just can’t find the time to be creative. Everything’s happening in a hurry and there is always so much to do. But without taking time to think about your business and its direction, and to discuss and develop ideas, the business will struggle to move forward.

This is why we introduced iTeam – an initiative that brings together the larger and medium-sized members companies in the SYNAXON UK community to share knowledge and experience, discuss issues and hear new ideas from leading thinkers and their peers. The aim is to spark strategic thought and discussion, to challenge the accepted wisdom and status quo, and to send MDs and entrepreneurs away with new perspectives and insights into the potential areas of development.

Being part of iTeam will inspire you – and enable you to inspire others. It will help you to shape a future direction for business growth. If you’d like to know more about becoming an iTeam member, contact: 0300 304 7844

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