NSN – a value added approach to Partnership

30th October 2020, von in Other

Synaxon UK has partnered with innovative connectivity provider New Star Networks to bring you a truly flexible and scalable Cloud Telephony solution.

A world-class Cloud-based telephony service provider, NSN is known for its commitment to a Partner based sales model and it’s award winning Partner Programme. In this ever-evolving technological landscape, NSN has a reputation for solving problems using custom solutions and providing exceptional customer care.

NSN aims to add value to Synaxon Partners in as many ways as possible. They do this primarily by saving you money but also by enabling you to benefit from an array of remote working solutions that will be great for you and your customers, given the challenges we are facing. Their solutions cover the full range of Business Communications Technologies and Connectivity, competitively priced across Broadband, Fibre, Mobiles and Hosted Telephony.

NSN understands that not everyone has the time or the resources to sell and support a telephony solution, however, they offer full support to ensure you don’t miss out on a lucrative income stream. NSN pays their partners 50% of the profit for ALL referrals passed over to them wherever they convert the customer. This is paid monthly for however long the customer is billed – this even counts for your own services!

Find out more – call Ryan Kersey on 0800 054 6200 or check out https://www.nsn.co/ 

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