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SYNAXON UK invites IT resellers, MSPs and VARs to join SYNAXON and convince themselves of our services. Let SYNAXON help and push your business.

*Terms & Conditions apply

Synaxon UK Terms and Conditions
Synaxon has been able to negotiate special terms with IT distribution companies and manufacturers of:
Computer Consumables - Computer Hardware – Computer Software – General Office Products – Related Services
Synaxon wishes to pass on the benefit of these special terms to its Partners
The Partner offers for resale similar products and having applied to be a partner of Synaxon wishes to benefit from these special terms to be made available by Synaxon.
1. Duration & Scope
1.1 This agreement shall begin on the commencement date and continue until it terminates or is terminated as set out in clause 3.
1.2 Synaxon undertakes to make available to the Partner those terms negotiated with distributors and manufacturers which Synaxon deems appropriate.
2. Payment
2.1The Partner shall make arrangements for all partnership invoices from Synaxon to be paid by Direct Debit.
2.2 All other invoices excluding monthly partnership will be paid on 30 day terms.
3. Termination
3.1 Default; this agreement shall terminate forthwith following written notice by Synaxon;
3.1.1 If the Partner is in material breach of this agreement.
3.1.2 If the Partnership fee payable by the Partner remains unpaid for a period of fourteen days.
3.2 This agreement shall have a term of not less than one year.
3.3 Notice period is 90 days and must be communicated in writing either to the UK head office or email to
3.4 Notice must be received no later than 90 days prior to each anniversary of this agreement
3.5 If no notice is received within the set period this agreement shall be deemed as continued for the remainder of the current year to the next annual anniversary of the agreement.
4. Assignment
4.1. The Partner shall not assign any of its obligations under this agreement without Synaxons prior consent in writing.
5. Law
5.1 This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law.