A professional network for IT-service providers

A profitable service partnership

SYNAXON UK’s TrustATec Service Partnership gives resellers a platform to offer IT-services and repairs in their local area a simple and effective way to market themselves, win business and attract new customers.

TrustATec delivers assured revenue growth and profitability to resellers that fully-engage in the partnership. It works by using the power of Google Adwords to attract interest in servicing and repair services, directing those leads to the local TrustATec partner. No other way of advertising is more direct, targeted and efficient.

We also use SEO to attract potential customers to our TrustATec UK website, where visitors can search for and find details of their local TrustATec partner. This added visibility gets TrustATec partners noticed ahead of their local competition and marks them out as an organisation that can be trusted. TrustATec partners are given their own exclusive territory, so all leads generated in the designated area will always go to them.

To provide reassurance and consistency, we market a specific range of TrustATec services at that are available for a standardised fee – services such as Data Transfer, Virus Removal and WiFi Set-Up This means customers know exactly what they are getting and what they can expect to pay. But of course, most will also have other tasks for which they will need a local, trusted IT services provider, so TrustAtec also helps partners to build their revenues and their customer base. A TrustATec marketing package for use within the reseller’s premises or in-store is also available to ensure consistent, professional and highly-visible branding and provide a focal point for discussion when customers are on-site.

Terms and fees

TrustaTec partners pay a monthly fee of £75 plus variable costs for Google Adwords, but subscribers pay only for each click and can pre-define budgets. There is a one-time payment of £250 for the in-house marketing package and contracts are for a duration of 12 months, with a three-month notice.

For more information on TrustATec, please visit our TrustATec homepage or contact Account Managers at 0300 304 7844.